Special Operations Warrior Foundation

This page is dedicated to SFC Steve M. Langmack, MSG Tom Maholic and MSG Simmons who were all my former colleagues, friends and most importantly husbands and fathers. Steve was killed in the line of duty during a gunfight while serving his country in Iraq in 2005. He left behind his wife and his two children. Tom was also killed in the line of duty by enemy fire while he was on a cordon-and-search mission in Afganistan in 2006. He left behind his wife and son. Shawn drowned after their RG-31 Mine Protected Vechicle rolled into a river bed while conducting a patrol in Afghanistan in 2008. He left behind his wife,daughter and son.

By donating to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation you will help provide a college education to every child who has lost a parent while serving in Special Operations Command during an operational or training mission.

Your donations honor the ultimate sacrifices of so many Americans who have lost their lives in our nations fight in the war against terrorism as a part of “Operation Enduring Freedom” in Afghanistan and “Operation Iraqi Freedom”.

Please take a moment and check out their website www.specialops.org and find out more about this foundation.